Learning outcome

During this year, I studying BA(Hons) Fashion Marketing & Communication in Raffles Design Institute, and now it’s coming to the end. I have completed 4 subjects included Professional Practice, Concept Direction & Development, Fashion Future and Fashion Brand Management. Generally, this year is full of challenges and being greatly to improve myself.

At the beginning of this year, I felt that it’s very different from what I’ve experienced during two years study of diploma. Basically, most of projects are individual works, it means that I need to spent more time to discover the academic knowledge and professional experiences. Compared to the diploma study, degree’s projects are more in deep to learn about how to practice the marketing skills in the real life. Furthermore, it also help me to understand the importance of communication and market research. For example, before I create a marketing plan, I need to know the theory of brand management. After that, I should also go through the creative ideas of the brand that I choose. Initially, the project should be innovative and own a unique selling point. Then I need to set a brand position and target consumer. According to the primary research and secondly research, in order to prove it is a practicable business plan.

Besides that, I’ve also learned about how to manage my time during writing assignment and adjust my mind when I was facing troubles. At the first term, I was very stressful and anxious in my project since this is the new program from UK. The subjects are different from previous one and our lecturers said that the students may need to work harder than before. However, I broke the limitation of myself, finishing all my assignments on time, discussed with lecturers when I was facing problems. Now I feel more confident than before, and I found the enjoyment of study.

Coming to the end of my degree study, and I will step into career life soon. This year of study is a very good experience for me. Most importantly, this experience giving me an opportunity to make myself be a better fashion marketer in the industry.


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