Singapore Fashion Scene – Trendsetter Or follower?

The global fashion industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world, In 2010, bring in almost US$2,560 trillion (S$3,129 trillion). In this great business environment, Singapore holds a 2% share of the world apparel market.

Singapore’s apparel industry bring in sales of around US$3.6 billion (S$4.4 billion), Among nearly 130 manufacturers that make up the industry are the number one suppliers for world-renowned names like Gap and Nike. Local companies like Charles & Keith is also becoming an internationally famous brand and gaining global recognition. (“Information about Singapore’s Fashion sector – Fashion – Partner Sing,” n.d.)

Singapore’s fashion industry has been taken significant steps during recent years, not only international luxury labels such as Chanel, Dior, and Gucci had been enter Singapore market for few years. Even more fast fashion brands like Topshop, H&M and Zara already have a big share in Singapore market , and becoming a mainstream in Singapore fashion industry. Also Singapore Fashion Week and Singapore Fashion step out are considered to be the biggest events made in the field of fashion in Singapore fashion industry. The events have played a significant role in establishing Singapore as a major fashion hub in the entire Asia Pacific region. The local fashion designers and even the International designers get a perfect platform to display their creations in this part of the world. (“Fashion Industry of Singapore – Singapore Fashion Industry,” n.d.)

In fact, even Singapore has a strong business background and productive resources in the fashion industry, in my opinions, Singapore is still the trend follower. David Wang, president of the Textile & Fashion Federation (TaFf). “During my time, Singaporeans had pride in local brands. The good old days are gone. Now they look at the price,” he says, “they’re very practical. If they see a dress from a local designer that’s $399, they won’t support her. They’d rather go to H&M to pick up an entirely new wardrobe.” (“Tech in Asia – Connecting Asia’s startup ecosystem,” n.d.) Compared to other Asian countries like Japan and Korea, we can found that their local design industry is adopted, people are willing to purchase local design products and to become famous. Part of these local brands created unique style and loved by a lot of people, Like Korean brand SJYP, famous for denim designs and street wear, sold on famous online e-commerce website Shopbop.


(SJYP, n.d.)

I supposed that good designs should not be buried. Singapore has emerged a new group of talented designers. Keepers, a retailer showcase of different local designer labels. The multifaceted retail showcase included fashion, accessories, furniture, home wares, perfume and of course, food and beverage. This retail store was giving a chance to let more Singaporean or even people in other countries know about local designs. Actually in these recent years, some Singapore local brands present valuable collections to the public such as In Good Company, Dzojchen and ELOHIM by Sabrina Goh. They all showing their unique fashion styles and attitudes, it’s fresh flow for the local market. In conclusions, government and related organization should pay more attentions on those local design brands and support them, I believe that one day Singapore fashion industry will become the trendsetter and bring out more lovely designs, unique styles to the world.

(In good company, n.d.)


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