Good stuff don’t come cheap and cheap stuff are not of good quality?


(Image 5, n.d.)

There’s a saying: “Good things don’t come cheap”, and I was wondering is it also the same meaning in “Good stuff don’t come cheap and cheap stuff are not of good quality”?
In a 2014 report by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Business of Fashion on fashion and luxury brands’ race for talent, the talent gap was identified as the greatest challenge these businesses would face over the next decade. Fifty percent of the 60 global fashion and luxury companies surveyed believed they lacked access to the best creative talent, while 67 percent said it was impossible or very difficult to find top-notch creative directors.
Because of the lack of good talent, and human recourse’s dispute between different companies, nowadays many companies choose to use high salaries and welfare policies to retain staffs. In my opinion, if the employee hired by high salary, he/she must have the necessary skills, experiences and education to successfully complete the tasks of this company. Besides that, this staff is not only can complete the easy tasks but also he/she will find a new way to deliver more functions that requires more efforts or creativity. Of course, good employees can bring in more values for company and it is much important than his salary, so I think that good stuff don’t come cheap.


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