Branding Campaigns

If a brand wants to be successful, in addition to have good productions, but also needs to interact with consumers in order to attract them.

Good advertising campaigns normally following a concept/theme (from different angle to tell a story or special element) and including communications and touches with the market. A good marketing campaigns must be related to your target consumers and brand image, think creative that can always support your brand strategy and messages. There several ways to launch your campaigns including social media, online advertising, email marketing,  and traditional medias. Successful campaigns can directly increase sales and brand reputations in short time. For example, in the late 1980s, Nike created the “Just Do It.” campaign. In 1988, Nike sales were at $800 million; by 1998, sales exceeded $9.2 billion. (“12 of the Best Marketing and Advertising Campaigns of All Time,” n.d.)

(Image 3, n.d.)

Besides Nike, I also want to share some more nice campaigns.   

Apple— “shot on iphone6” campaign (Shot on iphone 6, n.d.)

Calvins Klein— #mycalvins

Honda—”hands” video campaign


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