Emergance Of IT In Today’s Business World

Generic-Keyboard-Graphic-001(“EHP Designs: Customize Your Digital World,” n.d.)

Before the digital age, a brand marketing tools mainly rely on the traditional marketing strategies such as traditional print medias or television, to recommend their latest products to consumers. Until today, although those traditional marketing methods are not out of the market, the influences of IT are much stronger than traditional medias. It means that it has more new ways to communicate with consumers, thereby enhancing a brand’s influences. As we all knew, IT has become one of the most effective tools for branding and marketing in business world.
Firstly, IT makes a company reach their consumer and target market in short time. In my opinions, competition has always been an important aspect in business world. In order to expand the market and communicate with consumers, Companies are using a serious of digital marketing tools to meet the business and customer demand as much as possible. So which is one of the significant benefits that IT brings to the business world.
Secondly, according to market research from a firm called E-marketer, until 2016, the online sales of fashion sector in the US reached $ 73 billion, which is accounting for 20% of all goods in the online retail sales. Although these fashion companies have established physical retail stores for the consumers to touch, feel and try the merchandises, because online shopping owned the additional advantages of quick purchasing and conveniences, so that consumers are more prefer online shopping. For companies, it’s a new opportunity to expand wider market also increasing sales. Also, it’s a good consideration for the long term development.
Besides that, IT also bring out other benefits to a business. It created an entirely new and efficient system for relate to customers. The company can finish global research to get needed information quickly and more efficiently, regarding access the market needing and understand the situations of current market; IT systems give you remote access to your business network, you can work from home or other places. This accessibility allows you to increase your productivity because you can still get work done in anywhere, at any time; All information can share quickly with less recourses. Marketing can be finish by advertisings that reach buyers on the Internet or through social networking websites. Companies can keep up with changes in the market using information technology, especially for small firms, and they can complete most business progress on the web with low cost.
Of course, the benefits of IT is more than what I have mentioned previously, it was only part of advantages of IT. In conclusion, IT brings out many benefits to the current business world, it’s a revolution of this generation. It changes the ways that how people thought about marketing and became the most important way to promo a business, as well as communicating and marketing. I believe that in the future, IT will be continue changing this world….


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